Company AMSYS, http://www.amsys-sensor.com offers all open Open Vario builders their sensor 5915-0050-D without extra fee what is common for small quantities.

When ordering, please mention “ Variometer”.

Contact person is Nadine Rauch, email address: info@amsys.de .

Parts Available

Aluminum front panel, CNC-milled for Texim 5,7“ / 7” and PQi 7“ screens available.
Uncoated or painted black, pre-tapped for M3 machine screws.
Can also provide back housing from 1mm sheet aluminium. Ask for price and availability.
Contact: Haldor Lønningdal, Norway (hl@bsafe.no)

Some PCBs available Adapter Board for 5.7”an 7“ Texim Display, Sensorboard, RJ45 Board, Stick Remote all together unsoldered 20€ or soldered Contact: L.Schleinzer@web.de

AS1360-33-T available. (Set of 4 for £9 +post) Haluk Yildiz, Cambridge GC, UK #45

20 POM blocks CNC-milled 12,8mm thickness with 2.9mm drill for the brass tubing.
5 POM blocks 12,8mm and optimized with a M5 thread in place of the 2.9mm drill. Two of them have minor scratches.
CNC-Milling for the frame! Possible in POM or Alu (need .stp or SW data) Contact: Felix Maier, Darmstadt, Germany (felix.maier.2a@gmail.com)

Invensense MPU-9150 Gyro Accelerometer Magnetometer Sensor available for 8 Euro
Many PCBs (unsoldered) available:
RJ45 board: 4 Euro,
Adapterboard for 7”-Pixel-Qi-Display: 7 Euro,
Contact: Dieter Schwarzbeck, dieter@schwarzbeck.de, Builder 25

Some 3 mm brass tube is available
Contact: Eggert Ehmke, Berlin, Germany

Unsoldered Soartronic 2016 rev.1b Adapterboard for Pixel QI screen. Available for free, shipping included in EU (going for Texim). t.baeyens@gmail.com

Looking For / Interested in Group Buy

Aug. 31st 2016 - I am lookikng for AMS 5915-0050-D pressure sensor. Tomas Kostroun, tom.kostroun@gmail.com, Czech Republic 05.22.2018 re:I have AMS 5915-0050-D . proking@126.com . China

Feb. 10th 2015 - I am aquiring prices for milled aluminium 20mm frames Assuming something around 50 € excluding anodising, which is another ~10 € who would be interested?
Andreas Wasserbauer, Pettenbach, Austria