The Download area includes mainly files for the 7“ Pixel-Qi Display variant. Unfortunately the Pixel-Qi Display is obsolete and therefore the majority of builders use the TEXIM-displays nowadays. In the meantime several other variants have been realized successfully by the OpenVario community. If you do not find the infos you need on this download page, please have a look at the Variant Table

Hardware Documentation

7" Display Device

Software Images

The official OpenVario releases you can find here:

Release Notes for all Image

Device Build Status Image with Maps Image without Maps
7” PQ TFT - Latest Image 20193
7“ CH TFT - Latest Image 21118
5,7” TFT - Latest Image 20193
4,3“ TFT - Latest Image 17119

Older Images and other useful stuff can be downloaded from the OpenVario-FTP-Server:

User Guide

Coming soon …

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