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2021-12-13: Good news for the user without self compiling experience: The 1st SD cards with versions 7.20 and 7.21 were built - and will be available as soon as possible! The main blocking point was resolved: After the upgrade to a new Debian, the boot was unfortunately no longer functional - and XCSoar was not compilable with the previous Debian ;-( But now we are 'on track' again and will be in time for the next season update the latest images!

2021-12-11: Now XCSoar is available with version 7.21!

2021-05-05: XCSoar starts with March 2021 and release v7.0 a new versioning strategy: Every update will get a new minor number! Behind this the steps between the updates sometimes very short - the XCSoar team works with high pressure on a better usable, performant and stable system. This are very good news for us! The current release number for the Texim 7“ system (CH070) is 21118, the other platforms have remained on the older one.

2020-07-11: Now you can load from the Download page the newest released images of 2020 (at least the Texim and PixelQ one) - Release 20193.

2018-06-16: In the meantime many OpenVarios have become airborne! Look at our Cockpit Foto Gallery here and at the XCSoar forum.

2018-03-03: Stefan has provided all neccessary details for building a new input device: the Dual Concentric Rotary Encoder. More information can be found in the XCSoar forum: Thank you Stefan!

2018-01-12: Happy new year to all OpenVario-Builders! The community seems to work well. In the meantime our XCSoar-Forum has grown to 42 topics with 1290 replies! Remarkable!

2017-12-18: There is new progress with rotary encoders for the OpenVario-Project. Have a look at our XCSoar-Forum . Thanks folks for sharing your design ideas with the community!

2017-10-04: The OpenVario-Project progresses in several ways: John succeeded with implementing fundamental steps of an artificial horizon based on the MPU-9150. Here is a short video snippet: And we have another promising prototype work for the external gauge with OLED display and stepper motor: Thanks a lot for your work!

2017-06-19: The OpenVario-Subthread in the XCSoar forum has grown a lot. Therefore we have now our own OpenVario-Thread to simplify navigation. Old links to existing topics are still working.

2017-05-03: The OpenVario is now able to remote control 8.33 kHz radios, e.g. the KRT2, check out the recent images for XCSoar and LK8000. More information coming soon…

2017-03-06: OpenVario users being interested in the adaption progress of LK8000 can find up-to date infos on the LK8000 Forum.

2017-02-19: The first tests with LK8000 software running on the OpenVario have been very successful. Although there is a lot of detail work to do, the results are very promising. Thank you Bruno and the LK8000 developer team!

2017-01-23: We have now the choice of three input devices: Dual Rotary Encoder with Pushbuttons, Remote Stick and Touchscreen

2016-11-13: Complete OpenVario-Kits are available now. Assembly can be done within two hours. Stefan is offering an OV-workshop in southern Germany. More information:

2016-11-05: We have simplified the navigation on our website with a kind of Sitemap. Now you can access any available topic directly …

2016-10-13: Stefan has made a great video-tutorial, which shows the making of a 3-D printed remote stick covered with leather. Really cool… More videos are coming soon. Thank you Stefan!

2016-10-03: The OpenVario community is growing continuosly! We are almost 70 builders now. Welcome everybody and please do not forget to update your build-status from time to time.

2016-08-30: We have a lot of new information on our website. Check out our brand new Setup Guide, the Advanced Topics, Audio Vario / Speed to Fly and last but not least: Errata

2016-07-17: Battery Voltage Indication is now available. Have a look at the XCSoar Forum to read the details.

2016-05-28: Progress in Australia. Welcome Justin!

2016-05-27: We are looking for fotos of OpenVario installation examples to build a gallery on All builders having OpenVario cockpit fotos are welcome to send their pictures by e-mail to Thanks a lot!

2016-04-20: We just released a new stable image (16108) . Check out the latest one for your variant here!

2016-03-16: The Openvario community keeps growing. Welcome Lothar!

2016-03-11: 50 builders! Welcome : Cezariusz, and Quang.

2016-03-03: The website has a new page: Touchscreen and some new builders joined us, welcome Haluk, Jean-Pierre, Urs, Dirk and Bob! Who will be builder number 50?

2016-01-23: We have a new project: FLARM Antenna with improved directivity and some new pages, e.g. the variants or the aluminium housing parts, the page mechanics has been revised somewhat. Check it out…

2016-01-15: The community is growing! Welcome : Nikola, and Moret.

2015-12-18: Winter time is building time: Welcome four new builders: Lukas, Jim, Jonathan, and Harald.

2015-12-16: The OpenVario website comes with lots of new pages, e.g. about Electrical Tests for all boards, Variod, Sensord, OV-Menu and more…

2015-11-16: Welcome to our first Slovenian builder Manuel!

2015-10-01: OpenVario Protocol Specification 1.2 released !

2015-09-26: Welcome to Felix, who just started his project!

2015-09-16: Dieter made a 3D-model of the mechanical components of Openvario using FreeCad. It may be helpful for milling or 3D-printing or just to export *.step or *.iges files for other applications. You can find more information about FreeCad under: Many thanks to Dieter!

2015-09-06: Builder number 35! Welcome Florian!

2015-09-05: Welcome to Felix, so far the latest who joined the brave band of OV builders!

2015-08-22: Welcome two new builders: Jindřich, and Willy!

2015-07-23: features Openvario on their web page: Big thanks to Bernd Hennig!

2015-06-28: The German ”Segelfliegen Magazin“ features a full three pages article about Openvario

2015-05-04: Builder No. 30: The first builder from France: Jean-Paul joined us. Bienvenue!

2015-05-01: Welcome to Torsten who will build a 5.7” Variant of the Openvario

2015-03-31: Let's welcome a new builder: Nicholas

2015-03-17: Tamás created a 3D PDF of the 7“ Openvario to help fellow builders visualize housing and assembly - thanks a lot!

2015-03-15: More than 4000 views on the OV thread in the XCSoar Forum

2015-03-12: Haldor's OV is alive. Congratulations!

2015-02-20: Eggert has a nice blog about his OV project. Check it out at

2015-02-18: Klaus' blog is featured at the luftpiraten site

2015-02-09: Klaus Burkhard started a blog about Openvario at his well-known website at Thanks for spreading the word!

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