Apart from the Flight Computer, there will be some sub-projects to implement accessories. All projects are listed on this page,

Openvario Flight Computer

The flight computer device is the main project of Openvario. The objective of this project is the development of a panel mounted glide computer with a sunlight readable display, that can be non-commercially built by individuals or gliding clubs for rather small money. Interfaces allow integration of sensors and extensions at a later time. The flight computer combines a computing platform, a sensor board, and an interface board contained in an aluminium housing. A seven inch TFT display, including a touch-screen provides the main interface to the user.

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Mechanical Gauge

Even though a variometer gauge can be displayed on the flight computer, many pilots prefer to have a mechanical vario gauge on the instrument panel. This project implements such an instrument that is compatible to the Openvario flight computer.

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Stick Remote Control

While a touch screen is handy to control the flight computer on the ground and intuitive to select items on the map, it is much less convenient in flight (especially in rough conditions). This project therefore aims to implement a simple stick remote control compatible to the the Openvario flight computer.

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Today nearly all gliders are equipped with the collision warning system FLARM. If you want to improve your FLARM range, the HB9CV is the perfect project to start with.

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