Technical Data

In a nutshell

  • 7“ sunlight readable high resolution display (1024×600) Note: there are some more display variants
  • Powerful Arm Dual Core CPU with GPU and 1GB RAM
  • Linux or Android OS to run popular software like XCSoar, VFRnav etc.
  • Connect stick mounted remote, mouse, trackball etc. to two USB host interfaces
  • Store maps, airspaces, flights etc. on up to 32GB µSD card
  • Transfer your data with USB stick or µSD card
  • Easily connect up to four devices (FLARM, IGC Loggers, E-Varios, etc.) with simple standard RJ45 cables only
  • Optional touchscreen for easy handling
  • Optional sensorboard with state of the art pressure sensors, 9DOF IMU, temperature sensor and EEPROM for calibration data
  • Outside dimensions 169mm x 107mm (only slightly larger than 5.6” LX9000 @ 113×145)
  • Low power consumption <500mA @ 12VDC
  • Extra power input for connected devices (keep Flarm and logger powered with flight computer off)

Some more details

  • 7“ Pixel Qi LCD uses reflected light for high brightness at lower power consumption
  • Allwinner A20 Arm Cortex A7 1GHz dual core processor
  • Mali400mp2 GPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • Linux kernel developed by linux-sunxi community or Android 4.2.2
  • 100Mb Ethernet and HDMI (for developers, not accessible in flight)
  • 4x RS232 interface with IGC compatible pinout on RJ45 sockets, each socket individually fused (500mA self resetting fuse)
  • Optional sensorboard with 2x MS5611 24bit resolution absolute pressure sensors (static and TEK probe pressure), 1x AMS5915 16bit differential pressure (dynamic pressure), MPU9150 3D accelerometer, gyros and magnetometer, external connectors for I2C and single wire interface (over I2C to 1W bridge), 1kbit EEPROM, audio amplifier for external speaker
  • 16bit A/D converter for power supply voltage

Lots of connectivity

Main Dimensions View on backside

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