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Sensor Board

Generic Info

Board is connected using I2C to the Cubieboard

Sensors on Sensorboard

2x MS5611

Absolute pressure sensor
Range 10 .. 1200 mbar
Resolution up to 0.012 mbar
Adr 0x77 and 0x76 (7Bit)


Gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and digital motion processor.
Adr 0x68 (pin AD0 low) or 0x69 (AD0 high) (7bit)

More information here.


Differential pressure sensor Range 50mbar (max. 300 km/h IAS) Resolution <0,004 mbar (50 mbar, FSO 13107 counts) Adr 0x28 (7bit) Datasheet

(MS4525HRD - Not installed on sensorboard, would be an alternative to AMS5915, not yet available)

Differential pressure sensor, possible alternative to AMS5915?
24bit resolution (overkill?) and nice form factor (barbed connectors sideways)
Pinout similar to AMS5915, maybe PCB layout could accomodate both sensors?
Adr 0x77 and 0x76 (7Bit) - same as MS5611 and MS5803

Temperature Sensor DS1820

Temperature sensor shall be mounted in free airstream → not mounted on PCB
Connector 3.5mm stereo plug
LX8000/9000 uses the same sensor
good accuracy, good form factor, not I2C but single wire interface

Other stuff

I2C to single wire bridge
I2C EEPROM for calibration data storage

NMEA_protocol to XCSoar

Values provided to XCSoar

IAS (AMS5915)
Baro height (MS5611)
TEK pressure (MS5611)
Gyro and accelerometer (MPU9105)
outside air temperature (??)

Interface Programm "sensord"

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