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-====== Builders Blackboard ======+Hi, 
 +Company AMSYS, http://​www.amsys-sensor.com offers all open Open Vario builders their sensor 5915-0050-D without extra fee what is common for small quantities.
-[[http://​www.openvario.org/​doku.php?​id=builders:​blackboard&​do=login | login]] +When orderingplease mention " Variometer"​.  
- +   ​ 
-You can use this page to help each other building an Openvario flight computer. If you are looking for participants in a group buy you organizecan´t get a certain component in your part of the world or have some components left because you had to buy more than you needed to reach a minimum order quantity, just write a short note what you are looking for or what you can offer.  +Contact person ​is Nadine Rauchemail addressinfo@amsys.de ​.
- +
-You can solder finest SMD parts but don´t know how to cut aluminum? You own a machining workshop but failed miserably soldering PCBs with your plasma torch? This is the place to team up!  +
- +
-Now press "Edit this page" at the bottomand start writing  ​:-) +
-Don´t forget to be nice to each other, and that things get done because somebody starts doing them.+