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For having fun with your Flight Computer, you have to put the right image on the SD-Card.

There are several ways for getting the necessary software for a working Flight Computer depending on what you want:

Simple: Ready-to-use Image

The easiest way to get a working software on your Flight Computer is to download a prebuild image for an SD-Card. The most recent image can be downloaded here:

7" Display Flightcomputer

4,3" Display Flightcomputer

A detailed guideline for writing the image file to a SD-Card will be here

Advanced: Build your own Image

To have a lot more control regarding the content of the image, like special maps, weather data or airspaces, you can setup you own build machine and build a customized image by yourself. Before you are going to begin with such a step, you should check if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Linux System (e.g. Ubuntu) as build machine
  2. Some knowledge about bitbake and OpenEmbedded
  3. Some knowledge about CrossCompiling software for Emebbed Systems
  4. A lot of time ;-)

If you meet all the requirements you can get detailed instructions here

Expert: Modify source code by your own

If you are an expert Linux developer you are welcome to join our development team =) Please contact us at

Automated Buildserver Status
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