Download Image file

The most recent images can be downloaded from the OpenVario-FTP-Server:

If you are confused by the big number of files, check out the available variants

Unpack Image

For faster download the image file is packed using tar and gzip. Before the image can be written to a SD-Card, it has to be unzipped. This can be done with

  • 7zip in Windows OS
  • tar in Linux OS

Write an Image to an SD-Card

To create a SD-Card for booting your FlightComputer the following requirements have to be fullfilled:

  1. Downloaded Image file
  2. microSD-Card (at least 4GByte)

Using Windows

If you are using a Microsoft Windows Operating System a tool to write the image to an SD-Card is needed:


  1. Install the tool mentioned above
  2. Start the tool
  3. Select the “Image file” downloaded before
  4. Select “Device” the image should be written to
  5. Press “Write” the write the image to the selected device

Pay attention: The selected device will be erased completely !!!

Using Linux

If Linux is used for writing the image to a SD-Card no additional tool is need. The necessary tool is included in almost every Linux distribution.

dd if=<image file> of=/dev/<device>

Replace <image file> with the name of the downloaded image and <device> with the device your SD-Card is mapped to.

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If you are unsure about the correct image to choose for your specific device, have a look at the variants.

Using the OpenVario Recovery Tool

There is an alternative method to flash the microSD-card using the OpenVario Recovery Tool and a specifically prepared USB-stick

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