The OV-Menu can be accessed by pressing the “ESC”-key during boot, while the progress-bar is visible. It has several useful functions:

  • Start XCSoar
  • File Copy Files (Maps, Airspaces, Flarmnet, Waypoints and more) from an USB-Stick to the OpenVario and vice versa
  • Exit to the Shell
  • Restart
  • Power_Off (Shutdown)

Navigation within the OV-Menu is done with the “UP” and “DOWN” arrow keys, “ESC”, “F1” and “ENTER”. If no key is pressed during the boot, XCSoar starts automatically without any further user interaction.

OV-Menu screenshot

OV-Menu Structure Tree

Source Code Details

If you want to know what's behind the OV-Menu, you can use a git client to obtain the source code on your local computer.

git clone https://github.com/Openvario/meta-openvario.git

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