The USB-stick for the OpenVario must have one (the first) partition formatted as FAT32. The stick requires a certain directory tree structure to be operational.



This directory is used for updating map files. The format of the map files can either be *.xcm or a compiled *.ipk for the opkg packet manager. The map file will be copied/installed to XCSoar settings directory and can be selected using the XCSoar map settings dialog


This directory is used for software updates of the OV-Linux system on a packet basis. The whole repository directory on the FTP-server has to be mirrored into this sub-directory for update.


This directory is used for transferring IGC logfiles from the OpenVario to the USB Stick. All files matching “*.igc” will be copied in this directory. This can be done using “File” → “Save IGC Files to USB” in the OV-Menu.


This directory is used for transfering file from the USB Stick to the OpenVario. There is a subdirectory for different applications: xcsoar: XCSoar home directory All files residing in this directory will be copied to the XCSoar home directory, regardless of the file extension. This can be done using “File” → “Copy Files from USB to FC” in the OV-Menu.


This directory holds Software Image Files used for recovery of the whole OpenVario . There is no need to unpack the images, place the image here as *.gz-archive.


This directory can contain the file “ov-recovery.itb”, which is required for the recovery of the OpenVario. Works for images 153xx or newer. If a recovery is not desired, the file “ov-recovery.itb” can be renamed to “” to avoid the recovery at any time the stick is used.

Download files for the USB Stick

All files needed for updating the OpenVario can be downloaded at the FTP-server:

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