Electrical Tests


The required tools for electrical testing are:

  • Digital Multimeter (mandatory)
  • Oscilloscope (optional)
  • Power Supply (mandatory)

A visual inspection of all PCBs is indispensible before connecting them to power. A good magnifier or a microscope with magnification between 4x and 10x is required for the visual inspection. A power supply with simultaneous display of voltage and current is very convenient for monitoring the power consumption of the connected boards. Limiting the maximum current draw can help to avoid damage in case of unintentional shorts. For troubleshooting and electrical tests several testpoints have been defined.

Test Point Names

S B 4
^ ^ ^ 
| | |
| | |___Nr.
| |_____Bottom / Top
|_______Adapterboard / RJ45-Board / Sensorboard / DC-DC-Converter

Example: A T 3  means  Adapterboard Top Point 3

In general, the test points are measured with either a multimeter or an oscilloscope. The test points are always referring to ground (GND), which can be found at the negative terminals of the DC-DC-Converter. The selected measuring range of the multimeter should be DC 20 V (can be different for other multimeters).

Testing on Board-Level

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