The RJ45-Board is very simple, it comes with 4 self-resetting polyfuses, 4 RJ45-female connectors in one shielded housing and a 12-pin connector. Therefore the probability for mistakes is very low. Verify the correct orientation of the ribbon cable between Adapterboard and RJ45-Board.

RJ45-Board with Test Points

Test Points RJ45-Board (connected via 12-pin ribbon cable to Adapterboard with Display and Cubieboard)

Test Point Description Nominal Value Measured Remarks
RB1 12 V IGC T1 12 V If not present, check orientation of 12-pin connector
RB2 12 V IGC T2 12 V If not present, check orientation of 12-pin connector
RB3 12 V IGC T3 12 V If not present, check orientation of 12-pin connector
RB4 12 V IGC DBG 12 V Debug-Terminal, only required for Developers, if you want to know what is inside, check this out: serial_console_boot_log. The signal comes from CT1 and CT2, goes via AT8, is level shifted and ends near to RB4

Connectivity to external NMEA-equipment (Flarm, Logger, ...)

The Openvario has rich choices to connect external equipment with RJ-45 connectors in IGC-pin layout. Nearly all loggers, Flarms, Varios from the world of gliding come with the dedicated IGC-Layout, which has become a “Quasi-Standard” within the years.

Caution: Do not connect the Nano-Logger directly because of incompatible Pin-Assignment! The Nano-Logger needs a specialized cable to be connected! Before connecting any external NMEA-device via a RJ45-patch cable, be sure about the correct Pin-Assignment.

RJ45-IGC Pin Assignment

RJ45 IGC-Layout (view into female connector)

RJ 45 Pin Description Remarks
1 +12 V Supply for external device, fused
2 +12 V Supply for external device, fused
3 NC Not connected
4 NC Not connected
5 RX RX from logger / device
6 TX TX to logger / device
7 GND Ground
8 GND Ground

Settings in XCSoar

  • required Information: Baud Rate, Device Driver Name, Port Name
  • xcsoar Device Manager (Config → Device)
  • Monitor the NMEA output of your Device, if output is nonsense, try another Baudrate

RJ45 Port Names

RJ45 Port Names

XCSoar Device Manager

XCSoar Device Manager

All Details about XCSoar can be found in the Manual: http://www.xcsoar.org/discover/manual.html

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