OpenVario Recovery Tool

For some purposes (e.g. to flash a new software-image from USB to microSD) it is useful or neccessary to use the OpenVario Recovery Tool. This can be achieved by the following steps:

  • Create a FAT32-formatted USB-stick
  • Copy the desired new image as *.gz-file into the subdirectory “image” of the stick
  • Copy the file named “ov-recovery.itb” into the directory “openvario”
  • Connect the USB-stick to the OpenVario
  • Boot the Openvario
  • The recovery-menu will be displayed in red (be careful, everything on the micoSD will be erased!)
  • You will be prompted for the next decisions (update whole SD-card or bootloader only)
  • You can select the image to be written

Download files for the USB Stick

All files needed for updating the OpenVario can be downloaded at the FTP-server:

OpenVario Recovery Tool Main Menu

Select Update Method

Back to OV-Menu

Back to Write Image to microSD

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