Update via Ethernet Connection

The OpenVario comes with a convenient and powerful possibility to update files if an ethernet connection is available. Please keep in mind that the OpenVario housing must be removed in most cases. The RJ45 connector for the access to the Internet is located directly at the Cubieboard. Caution: Do NOT connect the Ethernet cable to one of the four RJ45 connectors with IGC-Layout! Risk of Damage!

There are several common methods to use the ethernet connection:

  • Update Maps via the OV-Menu-System
  • Update System via the OV-Menu-System
  • Download Airspaces, Waypoints, Maps…from XCSoar
  • Exit to the shell for Linux commandline experts

Update via WLAN Connection

Coming soon…

Update via USB-Stick

If your OpenVario is mounted in a glider cockpit, you may prefer an Update via USB-Stick with a certain directory structure. You can even use an USB-stick to flash a complete new image to your OpenVario. See Recovery for more details.

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